Matching Foot Traffic Back to Advertising

Real life foot traffic is piped back to ad platforms to optimize media campaigns.

Multiple vendors provide capability to measure foot traffic in store and tie back to advertising. We've been using Facebook to do so for quite some time. Snap is in the game now too. The Trade Desk has ability to optimize to foot traffic post data passed back of IRL store visits. They all tie back to advertising driving that interest and ultimate visit. Measurement partners like Foursquare and PlaceIQ can pipe visitation data back into our adserver or ad platforms so have it show up beside other reported metrics and tied back to ad exposure. This gives us a good idea of Cost Per Store Visit. And some have moved beyond digital advertising to include OOH and TV.

With the pending iOS 14 updates and privacy there is much debate on how deep the impact will be.

Foursquare has seen 87% acceptance of location services.

This bodes well for being able to continue tracking store visits and tying back to advertising. We're excited that these location partners have made it so easy to see visitation data alongside media metrics helping to paint an even better picture of performance.

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